Decreasing numbers of job applications and increasing demands and expectations of young professionals make it more and more difficult for companies to retain promising employees and bring in the investment of trainee programs, training and mentoring. More effort is needed particularly from those enterprises producing or distributing products and services that are less familiar or “sexy”. In addition, not being able to offer a job in a cool city but rather remote region is a challenge for many mid-sized companies.

One-shot measures such as an outstanding job advertisement or a well-designed stand at a job fair are not sufficient anymore to attract highly qualified job candidates. Employer branding activities – similar to branding of products and services – are only efficacious when being part of a coherent and solid strategy based on authentic insights.

  • What do we stand for as employer? What are our real strengths and advantages?
  • What can we offer to our employees? Which benefits do we provide? What pleases, delights and motivates our employees?
  • What differentiates us from other companies in the market and in our business area? What makes us unique – even if only small things?

A successful employer brand strategy is not an armchair decision because authentic replies to these questions can only be found in conversations with true experts: employees for whom the company is the „employer of choice“. Successful brands of consumer goods are in close connection with their loyal “heavy users”. Employer branding equally benefits from exploring the motivation and perception of current employees when aiming for winning the war for talents. We offer suitable methods and the perspective of a third-party expert to support companies in developing and executing a strong employer brand. Experienced, authentic and target-aimed. Get in touch with us to learn more about it.