Our brain is a unique and highly complex network. We remember, perceive, think, judge, compare, imagine and decide by establishing connections and associations.

Studies from neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists demonstrate impressively how fast, efficient and unnoticed we create connections between things even if they don’t belong together. We perceive people and objects that are physically located close to each other as similar and belonging together. We feel people that we get to know when enjoying a hot beverage to be more friendly and likeable than people with whom we start chatting when having a cold drink. We negotiate tougher and offer less compromises when we are sitting on a hard chair when compared to arguments of negotiators having a seat in a comfortable and soft armchair.

Words don’t only express lexical meanings but always trigger associations to feelings, moods, sensorial experiences and memories too. Visuals represent and express the many and unconscious layers of meaning even better. That’s why we from COLIBRI Research & Coaching love working with visuals, pictures and collages in our consumer studies and coaching sesssions. We have developed various sets of visual collages: The COLIBRI Collection encompasses collages composed to visualise different dimensions of happiness and satisfaction. For communication studies and innovation workshops, we individually compose collages expressing the product benefits and category attributes of the product categories our clients are involved in. Our new collage set ‘Valuals’ – a synthesis of values and visuals – brings to life the ‘Values in Action-Inventory’ of the well known professors of social psychology Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman (University of Michigan).

We apply our new tool ‘Valuals’ when exploring brand and corporate images in consumer studies as well as supporting tool in team building activities, coaching and trainings.