Sightless Insights

New Media, New Methods

I spy with my little eye…a simple game that creates an awareness of how other people see the world. (more…)

The Psychology of Apps

They wake us in the morning, remind us not to forget our umbrellas, warn us of traffic jams, send greetings from Auntie Isabelle, give advice on a healthy lifestyle, and amuse us when we are bored. We are not talking about mothers

Turning Trends into Innovations

The world is colourful and diverse place where change is the only constant. Consumers are increasingly contradictory and less loyal in their behaviour. Consumers turn into producers, brands into friends. (more…)

Out of Africa

Emerging markets are no longer ‘at the receiving end’ of innovations born and bred in first world countries. Many trends and new developments have been inspired, driven and developed in emerging markets. (more…)

In Pursuit of Happiness

Singer and award-winning moderator Ina Müller sallied forth to find happiness. In her TV programme ‘Stadt, Land, Ina’, she visited Ute in the Colibri atelier to explore sources of happiness in the pictures of our validated Colibri Collection.

Without my Bag my World would Tremble!

A handbag is an indispensable practical emergency kit, mobile beauty parlour, entertainment centre, reliable body guard and fashion accessory – all rolled into one. Nobody can tell more about the secret life of women than their handbags. Why not listen