Innovative, different, unique – but how?

Sales are dropping, competitors are alarmingly quick in launching new products and my customers seem to change their favorite brand as often as their hair colour. New ideas are needed – but how to come up with new and different ideas again and again?

To […]

Key Note Speech at foodRegio Marketing Day

What is good about the best ages of one’s life? Are best ager an important target group for marketing activities? What do they want and how can I connect with them? My Key Note Speech “I can still grow old in later days” is […]

ABC of Best-Ager-Marketing

They are said to be difficult customers, critical and resistant towards innovation. Consumers aged 45 plus. At the same time they are a crucial target group for many products and services due to their financial power and demographic role.

The Psychology of Apps

They wake us in the morning, remind us not to forget our umbrellas, warn us of traffic jams, send greetings from Auntie Isabelle, give advice on a healthy lifestyle, and amuse us when we are bored. We are not talking about mothers

Turning Trends into Innovations

The world is colourful and diverse place where change is the only constant. Consumers are increasingly contradictory and less loyal in their behaviour. Consumers turn into producers, brands into friends. (more…)

Out of Africa

Emerging markets are no longer ‘at the receiving end’ of innovations born and bred in first world countries. Many trends and new developments have been inspired, driven and developed in emerging markets. (more…)


A suitcase full of wishes. Hotel guests often want more than just a shower, a nap and breakfast. We were curious to know what wishes business and private travellers hid in their luggage, so we peeped behind the closed doors

In Pursuit of Happiness

Singer and award-winning moderator Ina Müller sallied forth to find happiness. In her TV programme ‘Stadt, Land, Ina’, she visited Ute in the Colibri atelier to explore sources of happiness in the pictures of our validated Colibri Collection.