Semiotics is the science of signs. The discipline helps us understand how meaning is created by colour codes, shapes, terms and symbols. Meaning is nothing fixed but varies in different (sub)cultures and changes over the course of time.

Applied semiotics has become more important and popular in the last couple of years. Semioticians started agencies for semiotic brand consultancy and qualitative marketing researchers make use of the semiotic square and other models when analyzing the results of creative workshops or consumer collages and drawings.

The second international conference of the ‘Semiotic Thinking Group’ took place in May this year in Barcelona. Ute Rademacher from COLIBRI Research & Coaching has been there and met Laura Oswald from Chicago. Dr. Oswald is the author of ‘Marketing Semiotcis’ – a practical and comprehensive guide for applying semiotic thinking in marketing.The book provides a helpful overview of the principles and methods of semiotics and gives an idea of how to apply semiotics in strategic brand management and communication creation.

The analysts of COLIBRI Research also offer semiotic analyses in our qualitative studies. Please get in touch with us if your want to learn more about it.