…and I tell you who you are. It’s not that easy getting a deep understanding of the psyche of other people. But peering into clutches, purses and handbags gives you a first feel for the life of its owner. And is an excellent starting point for story-telling.

Lipsticks and chewing gum, love letters and to-do-lists, tickets and left over food. The inside of a bag tells many stories about the owner. Where has she been and where is she heading to? What is important in her life? What does she need to feel prepared and confident?

We supported the first global bag study and gathered feminine insights by curious looks into handbags around the world. The project, initiated by the agency WeJane in Amsterdam, has created enormous resonance and has been a journey filled with fun and surprises. Why stop? With one klick you get on board of our blog “Mag, the Bag“.