Trainings in qualitative market research skills

qualitative marketresearch Hamburg, Ute Rademacher, Training, Coaching, Marketing, HamburgWe hardly learn what we need for our daily job in school or at university. Sometimes we jump in at the deep end and learn from experienced guides. But many beginners lack these opportunities and the hectic everyday business hardly allows training on-the-job.

That’s why we have developed a portfolio of training concepts for qualitative researchers and those aspiring to be. Our trainings combine theoretical background with practical, lively and inspirational exercises, through which you experience how to apply the learned techniques straight away and from their own personal angle.

Our Trainings:

Step-by-step creating good verbal product concepts

qualitative Marktforschung Hamburg, Ute Rademacher, Marktforschung,Marktforscher,Konsument,TrainingInsight, Benefit, Reason to believe – to be followed by an enchanting tagline as the cherry on the top. Sounds easy, but can become a nightmare when trying to transform complex ideas with different product features into a straight-forward concept.

But it’s an important task as many ideas with potential fail to stand the test and attract consumers simply because the concept is difficult to understand, too long or not in line with consumer language.

Our one-day training will show you how to get into the flow of expressing your thoughts with the right terms, phrases and metaphors. We will provide you with a proven structure how to write good concepts step-by-step and stimulating exercises which have been specifically designed to writing product concepts. You will also benefit from our 20 years of expertise with product concept tests and clinics.

Ethnographic interviews - A day in the life of my consumers

qualitative Marktforschung Hamburg, Ute Rademacher, Training,Konsumententraining, Konsument, Coaching, MarketingA direct way of getting to know and understand your customers is participatory observation.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s when visiting customers in their home or at the workplace?

  • How can I create an atmosphere of trust and get access to their little secrets?
  • What are the opportunities and limitations of ethnographic interviews?
  • How can I turn my home visit into rich consumer insights?

Our 1.5 days training is a mix of theoretical impulses and practical exercises. It will make you fit for meeting your customers and gathering authentic consumer insights.

Costs for an open training: 749.- € plus VAT per person.

These costs encompass training, material, venue costs and expenses for one interview with a ‚real’ consumer. Accommodation and catering costs are not included.

Contact us to receive an offer for your team or company – tailor-made in line with your business area, existing experience and target groups.

Confident and Competent Moderation I

qualitative market research Hamburg, Ute Rademacher, Training, Moderation, Coaching, Gruppendiskussion

The basic principles of constructive communication, initiating rapport and the strategic use of questions will help you to gain confidence in moderating focus groups. You will learn verbal and nonverbal principles of group communication and dynamics. Theoretical background and practical exercises will prepare you for moderating a real focus groups with consumers on the second day.

We offer this training to small groups (4-8 participants) of qualitative researchers with expertise in interviewing aiming to moderate focus groups in the near future.

Costs: 799.- € plus VAT.

These costs encompass training, material, venue costs and expenses for the (co-)moderation of one ‚real’ consumer group. Accommodation and catering costs are not included.

Contact us to receive an offer for an in-house training for your team or company in English.

Confident and Competent Moderation II

qualitative market research Hamburg, Ute Rademacher, Moderation, Training,Workshop, consumerEven experienced moderators struggle: participants of a focus groups are shy, quiet and distracted. Or they all talk at once and hardly in line with the relevant questions of the topic guide.


  • How can I control opinion leaders and know-it-alls?
  • What to do when familiar moderation techniques seem to fail?
  • How to stimulate the discussion flow with new and different interventions?

You will receive answers to these questions in our training for moderators who have already moderated 15-20 groups aiming to enrich their moderation tool kit and overcome difficult moments in moderation. Moderation expert and business coach Ute Rademacher will run this training together with vocal coach Anja Sportelli.

You will learn in practical exercises who to make us of projective, associative and visualising techniques.

Discover alternatives and variations of these techniques allowing you to adapt to your individual target groups. In addition, we will explore patterns of problems and challenging moments in your moderation and give you feedback how to improve your moderation style and presence in order to cope with difficult participants.

We will put attention to one of the most important moderation instrument: the voice. Often it is less important WHAT you say but HOW you say it. Vocal expert Anja Sportelli will give you individual feedback and ways to improve and the power and persuasion of your voice.

We can capture certain exercises by video if you would like to. As means of preparation we recommend to get aware of critical moments or target groups you are facing more often.

Costs : 990.- € plus VAT.

The 2days training will be held (in German) on 23-24 September and 14-15 November 2013
in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst, appr. 9.30-18.00.

Contact us to receive an offer for an in-house training for your team or company in English.