Sales are dropping, competitors are alarmingly quick in launching new products and my customers seem to change their favorite brand as often as their hair colour. New ideas are needed – but how to come up with new and different ideas again and again?

To create new and convincing ideas it is crucial to understand what customers want and how they make their decisions at the shelf or at the keyboard. The psychological rule of three “problem – need – solution” can be gathered in various format. But whether described in a classical verbal product concept, storytelling or a co-creation workshop scribble, the idea must be relevant and the tonality spot on.

Because it is not always easy for marketers to understand the – often contradictory – needs of consumers and to translate possibilities of research & development into consumer language, we are more than happy to help. Our expertise in 20 years of conceptioning and concept optimisation are brought to life in a step-by-step approach of

  • Discovering consumer motivation and inner conflicts of your target groups (Discovery)
  • Aligning them into a clear and meaningful flow (Alignment)
  • Adding value through the feedback of core targets, category experts or early adopters to make your concepts fit for the launch or quantitative testing (Nurturing).

Besides the input resulting from in home interviews, blogs, expert interviews, diaries, classical focus groups or creative workshops, we offer you 20 years of expertise and consultancy in turning consumer insights into successful product concepts. Tricks and tools for the actual writing process are included :-)