Where do my products and services end up? When, where and how do people use them? What is the impact of partners, children, friends or even pets? Which moments in daily life trigger interest in using my offer? When does it really make a difference? What needs to be done to make shopping in my store fun?

All these questions have one thing in common: they cannot be answered by armchair decisions. And even replies to the moderator in a focus group conducted in a research venue are easily stretched to their limits. It’s more advisable getting access to the world of your target groups by physically entering their world and meeting them at eye level. This approach can have different aims:

  • Information focus: You want to get to know the usage context of your product or service and understand where, when and how it is used in real life. Identifying typical usage moments, the role in usage behavior patterns and daily routines as well as design aspects of product or pack can be the goals of meeting your customers.
  • Experience focus: You want to gather “under-the-skin” insights and understand how your customers, think, feel, act and talk about it. The casual chat when sitting together at the kitchen table, walking the dog in the neighborhood or shopping can be a real eye opener and help you to get a feel for consumer needs, their impact and urgency.

The team of Colibri Research uses various methods to allow you an authentic experience of your consumers’ world – whether through stand-alone in-home interviews with video capturing, in-home briefings when conducting product use tests or Consumer Visits as starting point of brand workshops or Concept Labs. Please find more information on our research site. Or get in touch with us directly for more information.