Sparkles and glitter, crunching and cuddling – we are surrounded by winter and Christmas products currently. But are seasonal products a good idea for all brands and categories – even if the temperature does not want to drop and the first Christmas chocolates have appeared in shops in September already?

From a psychological perspective, seasonal products make sense for various reasons if they are offered to a modest extent and at the right time:

  • Seasonal products align us with the natural rhythm of life, on a physical and emotional level. The change of seasons has always been an important time base for human life and is even more important in a globalised world in which you can travel from New York to Tokio in two mouse clicks. The reliable turn from the fresh summer green of trees into the Indian summer play of colors and finally the reduced winter palette helps us to get grounded and find a rhythm in our life.
  • Seasonal products provide special moments in the routine of our daily life. Transitoriness and limitation transform normal usage occasions into precious moments. We cannot sit in front of the fireplace with friends every day. We feel cinnamon, vanilla and other flavors to taste different whether eaten in summer or winter time. Our needs and motivation are not consistent throughout the year and this can individually be addressed by specific product offers.
  • Seasonal products remind us that we are all subject to change, decay and growth. Bird’s twittering in springtime revives our spirits and makes us feel alive and kicking again. Collective cocooning tendencies in winter allow us to find the relaxation and regeneration we need without having to feel guilty or isolated.

In this spirit, we wish you a wonderful winter season!