Authenticity – the currency in social media marketing

Influencer, micro-Blogger and YouTuber are getting more and more important in marketing. Many corporations already invest more spendings in social media marketing than ‘classic’ channels such as TV, print and radio. But what matters in social media often remains unclear for decision makers. […]

Successful ideas through proactive methods

A joint study of researchers at the Karlstad and Linköping University has proven that market research studies making use of proactive methods are more successful when compared to traditional, reactive studies. The Swedish research team analysed the financial and innovative performance of traditional […]

Pokémon GO- Hype of the Year 2016

People running around staring at their smartphones, fully absorbed, has become a familiar sight in our daily lives. But people hunting funny little creatures in the urban jungle with their digital devices is a new phenomenon that could be observed around the globe. Pokémon […]

The Digital Self

The 1000Vordenker network gets together in an beautiful location with inspiring people twice a year. We met on 11 November in the Berlin Office of Google to talk about “The Future of Me, Myself an I”. After an exciting session in the Games Science […]

Winning the war for talent

Decreasing numbers of job applications and increasing demands and expectations of young professionals make it more and more difficult for companies to retain promising employees and bring in the investment of trainee programs, training and mentoring. More effort is needed particularly from those enterprises […]


A TV commercial in the afternoon programme, a YouTube clip or a print ad in a special interest magazine? Most consumers in the digitalised world can’t remember where they have picked up an advertising message. That’s not surprising, given the fact that the boundaries […]

3 Golden Rules for Successful Innovations

Do successful innovations always have to be disruptive and revolutionary? When is evolutionary development the better strategy? How do I know as a brand manager that it is the right time for giving a truly innovative idea of the R&D team a go? Trend […]

Christmas all around the world?

Sparkles and glitter, crunching and cuddling – we are surrounded by winter and Christmas products currently. But are seasonal products a good idea for all brands and categories – even if the temperature does not want to drop and the first Christmas chocolates have […]

Congrats on Gold

..for two Colibri clients and cooperation partners! The advertising agency BrawandRieken convinced consumers through their brilliant multi-channel campaign for “Rügenwalder Mühle” that an expert in specialty meats can credibly offer vegetarian sausages and meats. Furthermore, the spirits producer Schwarze and Schlichte stood out through […]

Innovative, different, unique – but how?

Sales are dropping, competitors are alarmingly quick in launching new products and my customers seem to change their favorite brand as often as their hair colour. New ideas are needed – but how to come up with new and different ideas again and again?

To […]

The beginning and end of now: The Psychology of Time

What does time mean for us? When does “now” begin and when does it end? Why is the idea of time traveling so exciting for us? Why is time such a critical decision factor? How fast will clocks tick in future?

The creative minds of […]

Experiencing is understanding

Where do my products and services end up? When, where and how do people use them? What is the impact of partners, children, friends or even pets? Which moments in daily life trigger interest in using my offer? When does it really make a […]

Psychology for Managers

Economy is made by people for people. Since our thinking and decision making rarely follows strict rational principles, psychological knowledge is required to understand the way people communicate with each other, motivate themselves and others, perceive the world around them and influence each other.

My […]

The Future of Consumption

The think thank of the forth “1000Vordenker” group will meet on 6. and 7. November 2014 in Berlin and share thoughts, trends and ideas about the future of consumption. How will consumption behaviour change? What is the underlying psychological dynamic? We will discuss […]

Key Note Speech at foodRegio Marketing Day

What is good about the best ages of one’s life? Are best ager an important target group for marketing activities? What do they want and how can I connect with them? My Key Note Speech “I can still grow old in later days” is […]

Show me your bag…

…and I tell you who you are. It’s not that easy getting a deep understanding of the psyche of other people. But peering into clutches, purses and handbags gives you a first feel for the life of its owner. And is an excellent starting […]

A Beautiful Story, Well Told

Best alcohol spot 2013, created by Opperman Weiss (NY) based on insights by Syren Strategy (London) and Colibri Research (Germany). The shortfilm of Tullamore Dew beautifully demonstrates how advertising can break codes successfully (more…)

The Art of Affirmation

Happy New Year! 2014 will be the horse year according to the lunar calender dedicated to the power of creativity and team spirit. If you don’t believe in star signs, how about creating your own motto for the new year

The Language of the Unconscious

Our brain is a unique and highly complex network. We remember, perceive, think, judge, compare, imagine and decide by establishing connections and associations. (more…)

Signs of the times

Semiotics is the science of signs. The discipline helps us understand how meaning is created by colour codes, shapes, terms and symbols. Meaning is nothing fixed but varies in different (sub)cultures and changes over the course of time.