The next advanced training ‘tools, techniques and voice‘ will take place on 14 and 15 November 2013 in Hamburg / Germany. This training is designed for researchers and moderators who have already conducted 10-15 focus groups aiming to become more confident in managing difficult participants and to get to enrich their repertoire of moderation tools and techniques. The training will be run by Ute Rademacher (moderation expert) and Anja Sportelli (vocal coach).

Even experienced moderators struggle: participants of a focus groups are shy, quiet and distracted. Or they all talk at once and hardly in line with the relevant questions of the topic guide.

  • How can I control opinion leaders and know-it-alls?
  • What to do when familiar moderation techniques seem to fail?
  • How to stimulate the discussion flow with new and different interventions?

You will receive answers to these questions in our training for moderators who have already moderated 10-15 groups aiming to enrich their moderation tool kit and overcome difficult moments in moderation. You will learn in practical exercises who to make us of projective, associative and visualising techniques. Explore your pattern of problematic and challenging moments in moderation and discover strategies how to deal with difficult participants in a better way. We will put attention to one of the most important moderation instrument: your voice. Often it is less important WHAT you say but HOW you say it. Vocal expert Anja Sportelli will give you individual feedback and ways to improve and the power and persuasion of your voice.

The training will be held in German by Dr. Ute Rademacher (Moderation Expert and Coach) and Anja Sportelli (Vocal Coach). Please register by 5 November 2013 the latest. Contact us if you are require further information or if you are interested in an individual in-house training (also in English) for you and your colleagues.