Making a Difference

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We are often asked why our agency is called COLIBRI Research. We were immediately convinced by the manifold qualities of this little bird:

  • Every colibri is an expert. Colibris specialise in specific habitats, and have developed an individual flight style allowing them to feed straight from the blossom, whereas other birds only have indirect access to such nutritious delicacies.
  • A colibri does not just take off into the blue. It is an expert flyer, darting nimbly here and there in a very swift and flexible manner. They are among the fastest moving birds on earth, even faster than a diving falcon.
  • A colibri adapts with lightning speed to whatever it encounters. It is the only bird that can fly not just straight ahead, but backwards and up-and-down as well.
  • A colibri is a highly efficient bird. Its rich food and tough physique enable it to cross the Gulf of Mexico on just four grams of flower nectar.
  • And finally: the tiny colibri body hides a surprisingly big heart.

Compelling attributes, we decided. Why not let us convince you of the COLIBRI brand of enthusiasm, expertise and efficacy?