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colibri_research_moderation_ute_rademacherUte Rademacher is business psychologist with a Ph.D. in communication sciences. She has 20 years of expertise in exploring consumers and their views on product innovations, advertising, design and brands. On topics ranging from automobiles to zinc supplements. From Copenhagen to Cape Town. She has gathered her international expertise at leading global institutes such as Research International and Ipsos. No wonder most Colibri projects are international studies. We bring together bright minds with expertise in your business area and build individual project teams of qualitative experts for your initiatives. We coordinate the research process in a reliable manner and ensure a high quality of research in all markets with minimum coordination effort for you. Ute is a top expert in consumer psychology and a sought-after speaker at conferences and trend events.

Ute Rademacher, Colibri research, qualitative Marktforschung Hamburg, colibri coachingChanges in media, markets and mindsets call for constant adaptation and development in our research tools. We devise new methods of thinking ‘out of the box’ and conduct self-initiated studies on contemporary themes and topics. We then share our knowledge and ideas at international conferences. Ute Rademacher is co-creator of the award-winning research tool ‘Concept Contest’, ‘Tool of the Year 2005’ by the German Market Research Association.


colibri research, qualitative marketresearch Hamburg, colibri coaching, Ute RademacherA feature on the research tool ‘Colibri Collection’, assessing happiness and life satisfaction, was shown on the German TV channel NDR, presented by award-winning moderator Ina Müller




esomar_member_newUte Rademacher is a member of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research. Even as a small agency we offer you absolutely top quality research.