They are said to be difficult customers, critical and resistant towards innovation. Consumers aged 45 plus. At the same time they are a crucial target group for many products and services due to their financial power and demographic role.
Our ethnographic study with women from 45 to 67 years about their needs, preferences and attitudes to life comes to a more positive conclusion: Best Agers enjoy the security of their social networks, feel emotionally mature and have a more optimistic perspective on life than young adults currently do.

The middle years are perceived as times of substantial change. Our in-depth interviews reveal that most of the women feel these changes to be a positive twist rather than a crisis. The children have become more and more independent, the ’empty nest’ provides new ground to be claimed and filled with new and rediscovered interests and activities – as is amply demonstrated by the photographs of Ari Seth Cohen in his blog about urban trendsetters.

Nevertheless, ‘ageing’ is still a delicate topic. There are virtually no positive words or images to describe the fact of being well advanced in years. Communicating with middle-aged target groups can thus be a challenge. Our analysis reveals that the right words and tonality strongly depend on people’s attitudes towards their own age.

Our report (in German only, sorry) provides marketing-oriented recommendations for how to succeed in communicating age-related topics. We are more than happy to advise you individually and to explore your strategy for attracting best ager target groups.