Welcome to COLIBRI Research, your great small agency for qualitative market research in Hamburg!

Products are manufactured in factories, brands are born in the hearts and minds of consumers. We can gather in online interviews and group discussions how consumers think and feel, and help you to prepare your brands for the future.

Why should you talk to your customers in times of big data in order to get an understanding of what they want? We are convinced of the truth’s of Albert Einstein’s remark: Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Only the combination of a comprehensive overview and an in-depth understanding of significant details provide the understanding that counts in the digital era.

As internationally experienced specialists in qualitative market research we reveal valuable consumer insights and translate them into inspirational conclusions for your marketing. Whether of products, services or your company as employer. We combine psychological know-how with creative power, and offer more:

  • More authenticity through true-to-life consumer insights
  • More individuality through tailor-made research designs and hand-picked expert teams
  • More depth through 20 years of international expertise
  • More richness in our results through the psychological context of our observations
  • More selected online tools moderated by qualitative experts
  • More actionability of our recommendations through action themes, motivating workshops and coaching support

Turning Insights into Opportunities.
We bring you closer to your customers, users and talents and with mature expertise and innovative methods show you ways to gain a thorough understanding of your target groups, and how to transform your knowledge into strong innovations. We actively listen to your customers in personal interviews, we observe consumers’ habits in real life, we interact with consumers on a daily basis in online boards, we develop concepts for innovation and communication in creative workshops with you and your target groups.

We offer you the personal dedication of a small agency combined with the strengths of a global network of specialists.

We support your marketing initiatives in a competent, creative and efficient manner, whether locally as experts for the German market or internationally when managing multi-country projects on your behalf. Always with the strengths of the Colibri.

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COLIBRI Research News

‘The Buzz’

Prof. Rademacher has managed to charmingly present the difficult topic of workaholism in a highly professional manner. Her interactive style stimulated the audience to reflect if he or she is in risk of becoming addicted to work and constant activity.
ALLIANZ, Council of Allianz Managed Operations & Services / Munich
I have been very successfully working together with Dr. Ute Rademacher for more than a decade. I appreciate her excellent skills in generating valuable consumer insights and her thorough understanding of branding and marketing.
Karl Krainer, Gedankenfabrik / Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich
The training in moderating focus groups has been highly relevant and extremely helpful for our team. The flow has a good balance of theoretical input and practical, hands on exercises.
Theresa Stangl, MEC Global / Düsseldorf
Ute is both professional and inspirational. She is a strategic thinker with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the brands she works on.
Kate Woods, Show Me / New York
We are thankful for the highly informative, comprehensible and entertaining speech which was a huge success in our meeting.
ALLIANZ, Council of Allianz Managed Operations & Services / Munich
I am surprised how much we learnt in the two days training. I truly enjoyed Ute’s training and had many moments in which I understood how to improve my moderation style and the questions to probe. I feel absolutely confident to run my first ‘real ‘ groups with consumers!
Veronika Fasching, MAM Baby Products / Vienna
I would trust Ute with my most complex projects and would recommend her to any client or agency who is looking for solid and creative thinking at the same time!
Kate Woods, Show Me / New York
Ute combines a highly professional attitude with great personal involvement and extensive qualitative research skills.
Annemike Onderlinden, HJ Heinz / Rotterdam
Our study with COLIBRI Research made it very clear to us that we have to improve the communication with our customers. The follow-up training has been perfect to train the communication skills we need to do so in a very individual and creative way.
Claudia Helming, Dawanda / Berlin
Thank you so much for excellent insights into perception and group dynamics which you presented in the moderation seminar, with their direct connection to practical application in moderating focus groups. … I particularly enjoyed benefiting from your own vast expertise and personal tips, and am looking forward to the course for advanced moderators.
Matthias Golly, Basis Research / Hamburg
Ute is a person you can rely on as she delivers high quality insights based on deep and true understanding of the consumer.
Annemike Onderlinden, HJ Heinz / Rotterdam
Ute is both a highly professional businesswoman and an excellent moderator. I have struggled in the past to find good moderators in Germany who push respondents and find creative ways of drawing out insights, but Ute managed this with ease. …. we will definitely be working together with Colibri again!
Emma Laney, Syren / London
Ute provided valuable answers to our questions and gave us very helpful cues for moderating focus groups. We can highly recommend the moderation training and thank Ute a lot for the successful days!
Theresa Stangl, MEC Global / Düsseldorf
In an era of digital transformation and the emerging new demands of consumers, users and shoppers, Ute’s holistic perspective is a real asset and USP we strongly benefit from in our collaboration.
Karl Krainer, Gedankenfabrik / Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich